Douglas / Elbert County Colorado Oil & Gas Boom ?!

I am starting up a grass roots community based landowner group for people like myself that own land with mineral rights. We have been inundated by land men for the past 10-12 months. If anyone has some useful information we would appreciate it. I have a "Town Hall" type meeting scheduled for Tues March 15th at Parker library at 8pm. My agenda right now is to have a land man give his "sales pitch" then kick him out and hear some recent strategies from people who have been through this before. Any information would be great.

My ultimate goal is to establish a group of people and negotiate the best lease scenario we can as a group, or one voice. It seems to me that these land men would rather divide and conquer than deal with one strong voice.



I heard that some Neighborhoods in Tarrant County got together and hired a real good

oil and gas attorney and had the attorney modify and negotiate the lease on behalf of

all property owners. I think after all said and done, each property owner paid less

than $100 in legal fees and got a very good lease.

Please do not try to do this on your own.

One advise. Make sure you ask that your royalty be free of all costs.

No deductions for production, processing, gathering, transportation, marketing, etc.

Only deduction from royalty check to be your portion of severance tax.

Good luck to all.

SPav - I would love to come to your meeting. Call me to discuss if you'd like.

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I am in Goshen County, Wy. We started a land owner's group and it has been wonderful. Pretty much everybody had leased before it started, but we are able to talk about surface agreements, pipelines, what the wells are doing, etc. We have a weekly meeting and just having that many people sharing their experiences is a big help.

I heard about your meeting from a friend that lives in the neighborhood adjacent to ours. They are having a closed meeting (only for their HOA) the same evening. We recently moved to Parker and this is all new to us. We're trying to educate ourselves quickly on the topic. Your meeting is for landowners with mineral rights in Parker/Douglas County, correct?

We have researched a Oil & Gas attorney in Denver with a solid reputation. Hopefully that part of the process is a ways off yet. Thx!

All excellent suggestions.

I do recommend a landowner landman be present to answer questions and make suggestions from an industry practice and perspective.

Thanks for all the input. Obviously this is a very passionate subject with people. All of the suggestions and ideas that are mentioned have been considered, and most will be incorporated, or already are incorporated for the meeting. It should be very beneficial to people. I am finding out that there are a lot of people who have experience with this kind of thing from both sides of the issue, (oil company side, and landowner side). Some of them have indicated that they will be at the meeting so we should be well represented. Thanks for the inputs, and please keep them coming.

I know there has already been a group put together for people in that area. If you do a search under “Debbie”, you should see the posts. Even if you don’t all join together, they may have some valuable information to share.

Yes I have talked to Debbie, and she is going to speak at the meeting and communicate her experiences with the process, so that we don’t have to re-invent the wheel.