Dormant Minerals - Abandonment

I’m wondering if there is a website that shows how many years minerals can be inactive before someone else can try to claim them through dormant mineral/abandonment laws per state. The states I’m particularly interested in are Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, North Dakota, New Mexico, Oklahoma, South Dakota and Texas. Thank you in advance for any helpful information you can provide!

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You will most likely have to look up the Dormant Minerals statutes in each state. Oklahoma is 84 O.S. Sec 271.

If you type Dormant Minerals in the search above, you will find links to various states.


I found this useful:

Quick list: CA - 20 years CO - 18 years KS - 20 years LA - 10 years MT - 20 years NE - 23 years ND - 20 years OK - 15 years OR - 30 years SD - 23 years WA - 20 years

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The dormant statute in Oklahoma has been used but appears to be rarely used.

That was my sense as well. We have had some of our acreage in "non-producing status for well over the time limit and it has never been claimed. I might check into it “just in case”. I spent weeks filing on North Dakota where they take it much more seriously!

Texas doesn’t have any rules on dormant minerals.

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