Donkey Pot Roast Development Area

We’ve been advised by a Texas landman that they are applying to create a development area which affects our ORRI in Lea County. Does anybody have experience with this? We have until 20 Feb to respond to BLM as to collaborate or protest. Comments or suggestions? We’ve been approached by another landman with an offer to purchase our ORRI. Also I haven’t been able to log on to NM Oil and Gas Conservation site!

Thank you John

Generally speaking, these aren’t necessarily a bad thing. It would likely “water down” the interest some but it could also give you interest in other lands, depending on how things are done. Did they provide you with a proposal or details of their plan?

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No, no details at all. I’m going to call the landman and poke around for more info. We don’t have much. It’s divided up amongst a lot of descendants. Thank you for your comment.