Does this seem odd to you?

I received a call from a land man with Nichols Energy Services. Camino Natural Resources is preparing to drill a well in section 2, T8N-R6W. In doing their title work prior to drilling the well they found a deed signed in 1986 from XXXXXXXXX toXXXXXXX of XXXXXX. They have requested a disclaimer be signed by you and Michael. In checking this out it appears that actually 3 of the tracts included in our quiet title action were conveyed to XXXXXXX. It is somewhat strange in that all of the deeds are dated January 31, 1986, but not recorded until 1997 and 2000. They have a documentary stamp exemption on them indicating that they were given to modify or correct deeds previously given. A copy of our quiet title judgment is attached showing the properties included in the deeds. I have also attached copies of the deeds and the requested disclaimer.

I didn’t see any attachments.