Does anyone know the legal process to correct inaccurate legal descriptions in mineral interests deeded into trust


An attorney our family hired to create a trust filed inaccurate and/or incomplete legal descriptions of our mineral interest properties deeded into a trust. Unfortunately, we didn't catch these errors until after the inaccurate deeds were recorded in twenty counties in Oklahoma.

I am going to seek some form of restitution for the errors from the attorney himself, but I have no confidence in his ability to file corrections to the errors. I would like to file the corrections myself, or at least know the process for doing so if I decide to go to another attorney to make the corrections, so I don't get "underserved" again.

Does anyone know the procedure for correcting inaccurate legal descriptions of mineral interest deeded into a trust? I realize the usual advice is to find a lawyer, but given our recent bad luck with two attorneys, including one who came recommended as a veteran oil and gas attorney, I've lost a lot of confidence in the competence level of attorneys practicing today. I consider myself fairly knowledgeable about mineral interest owners rights, but I'd like to gather as much information as possible on my end to feel prepared for tackling the above-described issue.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide,


Hello Angela,

I had to do this exact thing for only 1 legal description in 1 county. It's not that difficult to do, however with 20 counties you have to deal with, you will just need to be organized to keep it all straight. I am not an attorney, but I was able to do this without any trouble. I worked closely with the county and the division order group of the Oil and Gas company operating the lease (they told me in a letter exactly what I needed to do to get this corrected).

Instead of writing it all in here in this post, please email me and I can share the information from the division order group and exactly what I prepared and sent to the county.

Happy to help

M C Warren


Thank you for your response! I sent you an email.