Does Anyone Know of Any Activity or Satelite Coordinates For This Property?

Lot 8 of Block 4 of the Toyah Valley Grape & Alfalfa Company Subdivision, Section 256, Block 13, Reeves County, Texas.

This property was purchased over 100 years ago, passed down to me and I recently granted a lease to explore on it. Any help and information would be appreciated.

Check out once you find your property, if producing, you will see a satellite image of the lease.

You can also see it here for free.

Stephen Curley…Satellite Coordinates; 31 degrees 11 minutes 22.84 seconds North latitude 103 degrees, 31 minutes, 25.75 seconds West longitude

West side bordered by County Road 118 north side by CR 112 Barilla Road

Block 13, Section 256

View it for yourself.

Thanks for all the info. Very appreciated.

Thanks for this. Very appreciative.