Does anyone have a good JOA they can provide me to Participate Under?

Looking for a good protective JOA to participate under with our 26.575 NMA.

If you have a good one please contact me or forward to

That right there is some funny stuff

Participating with minerals is costly and risky. Participating in a $5,000,000 well on 640 spacing would run about $7,500 per acre. If the operator has any problems with the hole, additional expenses add up very quickly. I'm just posting as someone who has been down this road, it's long, bumpy and ugly. Free royalty is a wonderful thing. Oklahoma rules help keep leasing costs down, allowing more drilling activity for the state. My approach has always been to accept the largest royalty offered and be happy going to the mailbox every month for a long time. Best of luck to you.

Our attorney is filing a protest with the OCC.