Doddridge oil and gas lease


I've just found out I own mineral right, about 21.5 acres. I can't seem to find out where exactly it is. It says the land is situated on the waters of Sugar Camp Run in the District of New Milton, County of Doddridge, State of West Virginia. It gives the names of people who own the land on the North, South, East and West of what I own and parcel or track numbers 6-4-11.1, 6-4-31.1 thru 6-4-33. does anyone know if where and if anything in the surrounding area is doing anything. I've also been approached to sell my mineral right for about $3,500.00 and acre, Is this normal going rates or what? Any info. anyone can give me about this would be a God send. Thank you all for your time.

Lorene, You have lot's of questions and I will try to answer some. I have property near yours 4-6, and it's leased out to EQT, they have drilled several wells there. I assume that you received a lease to sign from someone, and hope it was a good offer, as to selling that's something you will have to decide depending on your situation. I am eighty and have recently sold two of my plats but have other's that I am holding on to. You can order maps from the Doddridge County Clerks office 304-873-2331.

Hi Lorene, Arnold gave you some good information.

Arnold, if you have an API number for a nearby well, Lorene can go here and put in the API number (017-0XXXX)

and zoom in, to see where it is. If you can read Arnold's map and find your tracts, you can find landmarks and compare to the map in the link. When you see red stars and orange lines going out from them, those are horizontal wells, or at least permits for them.

About selling, in good times (they will come again) the $3500 per acre would be a low offer for a lease bonus, then there is the royalty when the well is drilled. As Arnold said, most of the time unless you need the money sooner, in an area where leasing is going on it is worth a wait, to get leased.

Please ask again if any of this is not clear enough. Lots of good information on this forum.

Lorene, If you have trouble reading the map, click on it and you should get a nice enlargement.

Lorene, just going to the office of oil and gas map that I put in the link above, and looking around, I found 01704493 which is nearby. You can put that number in, zoom in, then look around to get an idea of things. Then go to Arnold's map and see where your tracts fit in. (approximately).

A place to start.