Doddridge Court holding my money, will not tell me who to contact

I basically have this post on some other location, which I forgot, so I will ask again:

Had a run in with Antero, went to court, my land was partitioned. All the funds that Antero had to pay to me and a few others were sent to the Court Receiver.

Received a letter stating that the check covering the funds was cashed on My 19, 2017.

I was told that I would have to "petition the Court" to obtain the funds in my name in one letter. Another letter indicated that I had to "command the Court" to pay out my money.

What I am NOT being told was the name of the party, and address, that I have to "petition/command".

Have contacted several of the offices connected to the court and no one knows who I should contact. That includes the Court Receiver, and the Judge.

Everyone tells me to hire a lawyer. That makes no sense as the money is being held by "the Court" in my name.

Can someone PLEASE tell me who I should be talking to in order to receive the funds in my name? Right now it appears that "the court" whomever that is, does not want a single cent of my money to go across the Ohio River.

Roger, most lawyers will give you a free phone call to start talking about a situation. If you have free long distance phone service, you can call and at least ask a lawyer if there is a suggestion about how to proceed. I have done what I know to do, to google the Doddridge court and find a contact person. You said this lady was not helpful. Somebody over there must know something. Call the Doddridge newspaper.

Doddridge Indepentent newspaper website

Being the oldest male member of a family of printers who did not go into printing I am aware of the power of the press. And the hardships of those who try to use the press to correct wrong doings. I went through the web site for the court and found no person who can help. This week I will try to contact the Legal Aid Society of WV.

I got a laugh out of the person who told me the court had no experience with partitioning and therefore no one know how I could find the contact info I needed to "command the court" to release my money.

As I ststed before, someone is making certain that not one cent of the money due me crosses the Ohio River.

rcr 8/27/2017

I hope the Legal Aid Society is able to help.

I spoke with them via phone a few minutes ago, they are stumped. They asked me to send copies of the final court order. The people I have contacted in WV keep saying they know nothing about "partitioning", yet with all of it that is going on I find that strange.

After all, I was not the first person to have his land partitioned in WV!

rcr 8/29/2017

Did you contact Antereo and ask them who you have to contact or where to send the paperwork to. they should know or at least give you a general idea of who to contact about it. Just an idea

ARC is no longer part of the transaction. They were required to pay to the court the total sum of money owed to several of the non-lessors, which they did. The court informed me that I would have to #1 "command the court", and in the next letter, #2 I was to "Petition the court". Which lead to the question as to who was meant by "the Court" and the required contact address.

The court is holding the funds, ARC is NO LONGER INVOLVED. I first contacted the Doddridge County Circuit Court clerk (whose name appears on the court's web site). Contacted her by phone and she indicated she did not know any thing in regards to the court receiving money in regards to the partitioning of land. She sent me on a wild goose chase.

Two months later I called the Doddridge County Circuit Court clerk's office again again and one of the clerks answered the phone. Told me right away the contract address was in fact that office! Why didn't the head of the office know that? HUMMM!

And then I was told there would be a $200 filing fee. Oh, and the case was closed two days after I received the notice I had to petition the court, so I would have to file a motion to re-open the case, another $200. And then I would have to ask the judge to conduct a hearing, another $200 filing fee.

Plus I would have to hire a West Virginia lawyer to construct the paperwork that would be involved. Amount of $$$ would be.....

And if the judge did call for a hearing I would have to petition the court to allow me to "attend" via phone since I am in Central Ohio and disabled. Am I getting close to having to spend all of the $1000 the court is holding in my name? The court was not asked to receive the money in my name, I did not give them permission. And so the court is holding my money.

Which leads back to the fact I am paying the court to do the "dirty work" for ARC that gave them title to my land holding. I did nothing against the law, well except for the WV law that demands I support West Virginia's desire to develop the natural resources of that state, a very ABSTRACT LAW!

Meanwhile the person in the clerk's office told me I could apply for a waver because of my income and health. She sent me the required form. I could not believe what the waver states, I have to take and PAY for a polygraph test! Meaning I would have to go to WV to take the test.

I have been trying to get a hold of the WV Legal Aid Society's intake office via a cell phone which I still not having my electric service restored which I lost in a storm back about 20 July and therefor have no way of keeping the phone charged.

And that is where I stand at this moment. After reading the above is there anyone who does not feel that the court is doing what it can legally to keep the money owed to me from crossing the river?

Thanks for your interest.

rcr 9/16/2017