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I’m looking for info on who to contact. While searching the Doddridge County West Va IDX, I discovered my grandfathers name on 4 different declarations of pooling with Antero. My mother is the only living child of my grandfather and is not receiving any royalties . The units are Hardin , Gaskins, Deano and Costlow. Does anyone know how long these have been producing? Thanks for any help! M Hoover

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M Hoover,

The WVDEP has a helpful site, OOG Well Work Permitting Report If you type the unit names in the WELL NUMBER, you will find information, clicking on the API Number associated with those units, will inform you as to when the wells started producing.

I received a Division Order for the Deano Unit on May 31, 2016. The well had been producing for approximately a year. I received retroactive royalties about 1-2 months after signing the Division Order. I’ve been receiving monthly royalties since then.

Thanks , I can use all the help I receive!


Production start dates are: Hardin Unit - 02/15 Gaskins Unit - 12/13 Costlow Unit - 12/13 Deano Unit - 01-15

Just finding a name on the Declaration of Pooling does not mean you are a royalty owner. Typically what is listed is the original lease holder’s name, the interests may have been sold, may have been auctioned off at a delinquent tax auction, etc.

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Monte, You could go to the Doddridge County Records and search your grandfather’s name and see what you find.


The WVDEP reports production of that unit began in February of 2017.

Any info on fraley unit 1h or peggy june well pad. I have a small interest in this


The Fraley Unit was last permitted on 6/27/17, I have not found any information as to if it has been drilled yet, but the WVDEP is not reporting any production. For your records, the API Number for the well is 17-06829.

You are correct, this Unit originates from the Peggy June well pad.


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Dale, WV Mineral Owner: Thanks for your query and comment on the Peggy June well pad. I follow it.

Nothing in the way of drilling is going on but they continue to say it will be “next year” for the last 2-3 years. The landman overseeing knows nothing about startup. My discussions in Denver say “next year” also. The site is active as there are 3 wellpads in the vicinity including Peggy June.

Your correct above that just one of the 9 wells has been permtted.

What sites (state or Antero) can you share with me that are useful?

Peggy June was my mother fyi.


Landmen have no insight into timing of drilling, they are only concerned about getting documents signed and will say anything to get a signature. You are better off going through the Antero Bridgeport office than Denver, they seem to have better knowledge of things in WV.

Typically I defer to the WVDEP website for the latest information, they seem to keep things well updated.


Here is a link to the new App Extender0

Passsword: DEP and Username: DEP

Click “PermitsOOG” as you see down below

Select the “+New Query” to begin your search.

Use 10 digit API plus 0000 four extra zeros. For example 47043012340000

You can view or print the permit application and see the final reports. Reports are available after the permit is approved.

FYI. I see the Deets pad has a slug of apps dated 12/21/18. We figure peggy june after that; then George scott pad. Access to all 3 is through me. The state map is interesting, looks like this area between rock run and jockey is the last.

Anyone advise on production numbers and opinion of pressure and duration of wells in this area?

thank you. :slight_smile:

Any news of wells east of the Prudence unit? Antero


The WV DEP website is a great source of information, I suggest you spend some time surfing the site.

Prudence 1H began production in Feb 2017