Document Recording - small issue

If I am needing an exemplified probate filed for John W. Doe, but on the exemplification page the court mis-typed it as John Q. Doe (they used “Q” instead of “W” for the middle initial). Is it necessary to have the court re-execute the exemplification with the initial corrected, or can the “Q” simply be struck-through and “W” written above it? I know the first option is the most proper, but the court is a bit slow and I need to get the document filed asap so option 2 would work better logistically.

Altering documents after signing, and especially a court issued document, can lead to numerous consequences. Changing an existing document just like faking a signature without permission or making a false document are all considered to be a forgery. Forgery is a crime and punishable by law. Although penalties will vary from state to state, all fifty states consider forgery to be a felony. Courts especially tend to be narrow minded when you alter their orders for any reason.