Document inconsistencies in companies filing chapter 11 bankruptcy

I am unclear on what the requirements are for Chapter 11 bankruptcy as it relates to royalty owners. I am currently receiving documents from 4 companies which have all filed Ch. 11, including Linn Energy, Samson Resources, and Chaparral. I am also receiving bankruptcy documents from SandRidge Energy, including a recent proof of claim (form 410) which lists my company as a creditor. I never received this proof of claim form from the other 3 companies mentioned above. Could any forum members comment on this inconsistency? Thank you!

State? Here is a link for a very general article on bankruptcy. Hard to say why the other three did not include a proof of claim form but the forms are available online.

Just received the claim form 410 today for Chaparral Energy, as mentioned in my original post. Why are these claim forms being sent to royalty owners? Can any readers explain?

I spoke to the folks at the Sandridge help line listed on their claim form. They said it was a blanket mailing that included the royalty owners but that royalty owners did not have to file a proof of claim. I was told the judge had already approved the payments to royalty owners but you may want to call just to see what answer you get.

Thank you for posting this. I have small checks, so hiring an attorney would be prohibited. So far three companies have filed. I cannot totally understand filling out the proof of claim. Like it said, the chances of getting all payment is poor. Again, thank you Mr. Caldwell.