Do unpaid royalties stay with new company?

Still tring to transfer my fathers oil leases. I noticed one of the wells were sold in 2009. This well has been producting since 2007. Were are the unpaided royalties from 2007 to 2009?

Are they kept by the original owning company or do they follow the new owning company ?

Hope this isn't confusing.


I have wells that changed operators and have received division orders from the new operator that they are paying for the old operator also. This would seem to male sense as a standard practice. When the new owner takes over a well they take on the existing assets, and liabilities of the well. Like I said, it would seem to make sense, whether it is the standard practice or not, I can’t swear to it. I would ask the new operator.

Thanks you

I at least now have an idea how to start the search for my $$$$.