Do mineral rights include right of way too? Block 56 T3S Area

We have a small nma owenership in Reeves County Block 56 area and were recently contactedd by Andarko that they are preparing a ROW agreement for review. Is ROW included in mineral rights ownership or is that the surface landowners? Any guidance / clarification is appreciated.

PS: we get a weekly offer from someone to buy our rights…

Congrats you are a surface owner! Surface and minerals are two different things. Anadarko has contacted me too regarding this. In my discussion with Anadarko I learned there are more than 70 surface owners, Apache owning 63% of surface. I believe my contact at Anadarko was discussing a section or 640 acres. He said he was finding more and more owners as his contact numbers/addresses led to deceased individuals. Ask your contact to show you chain of title to show you are owner, as you should not sign something unless you know you are the owner. Most likely you are or they wouldn't contact you, but it's a free title search for you....and interesting to see the flow chart

My question to anyone: As a small minority interest in surface, what negotiating power do I have on a ROW lease?

Actually I think it is 4 sections or 2560 acres

We are a surface owner and just received one of those from Anadarko. Looking for a landsman to advise us.