Do I sign an affidavit of heirship?

The land is on the NE quarter of Section 09, Township 15 North, Range 06 East, Lincoln Country, OK according to the affidavit they want me to sign regarding heirship. I have this company named Anevay Resources reaching out to me. If anyone has information on them, please let me know.

Martha, Anevay is owned by Admirald Gee IV out of Edmond/OKC. He used to own an old brokerage call American Mineral Partners with John Cockerall. They went out of business around 2018. Anevay started taking leasehold in Major County several years ago. Not sure what operator they are currently chasing…

Thanks. I was posting for someone who posted in the wrong county. Hopefully, they will see this. Was that a spin off from Chesapeake?

To the person that originally posted, you do not have to go through Anevay to file an affidavit. You can do it yourself at the courthouse. Make sure that the information is correct since it is a legal document.

Martha, not a spin off Chesapeake but they used a very similar name to be creative!!

I thought it was close but not quite the same. Thanks.

Anevay Resources is a mineral broker out of OKC.