Do I Need a Texas Attorney?

I’m a retired senior Arizona resident and I’m dealing with issues with operator Permian Resources in Midland, Texas regarding possible violation of our lease in Reeves County. I am not alone, there are several people dealing with the same issues. See topics in Reeves County regarding hidden costs and deductions by Permian Resources.

I contacted the Arizona Senior Citizens Law Project here in Phoenix, but they were not much help, they could not refer me to anyone. They told me to seek help for senior citizens in Texas, but based on what I’ve seen so far, the legal help in Texas is for Texas residents.

Do I have to use a Texas attorney, or could an Arizona attorney help me with this legal matter in Texas? Do you have any knowledge or recommendations for an attorney or law firm in Texas that could assist me even though I’m an Arizona resident?

Thank you for any help in this matter.

You may find Texas attorneys listed in the directories tab above.

The question is: do I need a Texas attorney, or can I use an Arizona attorney?

@DavidR, you should work with an attorney who is licensed in Texas for minerals located in Texas.

Agree with peteR. if you were to have surgery, you could probably use any doctor. But, a doctor who knows about hearts, or the specific body part would be best.

You need an oil & gas lawyer located in Texas. Doesn’t have to be in Midland.

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Recently I dealt with a California trust issue regarding mineral rights in Texas. I hired a Texas oil and gas lawyer even though I has a California probate lawyer as there are things about Texas laws different then in other states. It was important when we had to present this in court. These are things you need to think about.

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