Do I need a Landman

A family member had mineral right interest in Howard County TX. She passed in the late 80’s. Per her will, her sister inherited and she has since passed. My mother and sibling would be next in line. My mother has passed.

I have confirmed the existence of lease or leases under the original family member. I have gathered all the documents the company holding the leases requested. It notes on their form that a deed must be recorded before they will transfer. I am trying to determine if I need a Landman or does a title company search.

I am at a crossroads and just trying to determine the best and economical course to take. I am able to travel to county clerk’s office if it would help.

a. you are on the right track, that of getting the record straight, especially in a productive oil and gas county

b. with respect to paying royalties, an oil company is concerned basically with one thing - doing their best to not pay the wrong person.

c. thus, they are only interested in properly recorded documentation of who owns what.

d. if you have the skills and understanding to do that, go for it. if not, you’re best served by hiring some qualified help.

You did not mention that the property is currently under production, but your post seems to indicate it is under production. I would encourage you to consider contacting a landman to expedite the process. They can do the research much faster (available online in Howard) and give you some direction on title curative measures you may need to undertake. This will also save you some cost if you need to have an attorney get involved in the process. Contact me if you need more information.