Do I get money before signing mineral deed

When selling mineral rights , do you get money up front or is there a 30 day waiting period?

Signing the deed and getting paid should happen at the same time. At closing.

If there is a 30 day due diligence period it should be between the time you sign a PSA (agreement to sell) and when you close. 30 days seems about average. Depends on the terms of the PSA.

Nobody should pay you in full before you sign a deed. And definitely don’t give anybody a signed mineral deed without getting paid. Getting a money wire or check and handing over the deed should happen more/less simultaneously. If it’s important enough, the buyer’s agent or someone should be sitting down with you and you both pass documents across the table.

They sent me a mineral purchase order and a mineral deed to sign and return, and check will be rendered in 30 days. There are no mineral attorneys near me but I would like to sell but wording does not sound good to me.

You can email them a PDF of your signed Mineral Deed and say you’ll overnight the original upon receiving payment.

PermianResearch is correct, for a remote close that it the standard practice from what I’ve seen. Anything otherwise and I would be cautious.