Division Orders

If they are drilling a series of wells in a section under one lease, do you get a division order for each well or only the first one? I know this sounds like a stupid question but with the way they are drilling now it is simply different than it use to be. Thanks, Val Carter

You should expect one per well.

Thanks, Val

Multi-unit horizontal wells share production based on the percentage of producing lateral in the well in each unit. So the first well may share the production 50/50, and the second well may share the production 43/57. I don't know how they will show the split between the units on your division orders, but if the numbers are substantially different, that may be the reason.

The possible exception to this answer is that if you are held in an old unit, you may not get a Division Order at all on new horizontals because they will simply use the unit royalty interest to assign your royalty.