Division Orders - WH/Chesapeake Merger

We are waiting on division orders for a couple of wells that were completed back in the October time frame. I am assuming that the merger of WH and Chesapeake is going to delay this as the leases were with WH. We are reaching the 6 month window that everybody talks about, and am wondering if anyone has insight into how the merge may affect the receipt of division orders and first payments.

Don’t know about division orders but in Washington County it doesn’t appear to have slowed anything down on drilling of wells Wildhorse had programmed before the change was finalized.

If you haven’t tried it, here’s the phone number and email that Chesapeake set up to handle questions from Wildhorse royalty owners and lessors. I know folks who got their questions answered there. You might give it a try.

(877) 245-1427


Several royalty owners in the pool as i have not received any money but there are a lot whom have not including my sons who have 1/6 of my royalty. They have called Chesapeake numerous times to no avail. You need to check on it as our well was drill last October just for your information and they used my old lease from the 80’s.

I got info that my transferred lease now with Chesapeake was spudded in Nov 2018 and completed end of April
I talked with them today Aug 15 and was told division orders and check for Belle D are at accounting and will be mailed at end of Aug or Sept.

Susan, just wondering if have you received a division order and/or check from Chesapeake yet?

I did get a check on Aug 26–my 85th birthday. It was for May, June and part of July. Will receive rest of July and all of Aug at end of Sept. Got a letter stating no check in Oct. It is being set up to send complete monthly checks 2 months in arrears starting in Nov. You can call them at 877-245-1427 The amount for oil dropped by 1/3 in July.

Susan, did you get a Division Order before you received the check?

I got a request for a W-9 yesterday from Chesapeake, but no DO. I guess they will send it separately.

Same here. I guess they are setting this well up in accounting. I just have 6 acres in Belle D well so I won’t get rich. I have 20 acres total.