Division Orders return

How long do division orders usually take?

Depends upon the operator and the rules of the state, but they can take 5-6 months to show up. The operator has to do a rigorous title opinion which may involve hundreds to thousands of mineral owners with title going back to patent grant at statehood.

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Thank you we are new to this and just sent official notice to the oil company to provide a div. order or release our land. My lawyer says they are more likely to send the div.order. We bought a home that had what we thought was an expired lease. turns out it’s not expired; it was suspended because the home has been sold before the expiration of the first term. Title search is clean, we’ve been unitized so, now we wait…

Update now we’re being told that our property has been removed from the active XTO unit; no reason has been provided, they are saying that there is no interest to transfer because we were unitized in 2014 and one of the wells in the unit did not start producing until 2018 but we know that other wells in the unit have been producing since 2009.Additionally our surface water runs directly on to their well pad property the storage tank and pump house are adjacent to our drainage system.

Please see the update looks like it’s about to be lawyer time.

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