Division orders. How do I get one

How do I go about getting a division order from EOG. Now that I want to sell I can’t get any help from them and this is crazy. All my paperwork is in storage and I have to get my financial advisor to take time out of his busy schedule.

Contact the division order analyst attached to your state, county and specific area. Are you trying to get a copy of an old DO or a new one from new production? New ones may not be available for five-six months after a well has been completed as the title work may take that long for hundreds or thousands of mineral owners. Make your request by certified mail, return receipt.

This begs the question of why do you need a DO?

I finally got my division order so now I can put what I have for sale accurately. Sec 5 &8 t7n-r4w,MC clain county. Ok being 1279.2acre unit . allocation sec:5 49.81%sec 8 50.19%

You actually do not have that whole description. There are hundreds of owners. What you really need is your original lease that has the description of what you own. The Division Order will give you the decimal amount that is determined by the following equation. You can only sell your net acres that you have title to.

Division Order decimal =net acres/actual spacing acres x royalty x percentage of perforations in your section.

Your original lease may have a phrase near the top that describes your acreage and it will have a gross acreage amount which relates back to the original parcel at statehood. Your net acreage is likely far smaller. If you have the decimal amount and you know your royalty, then you can back out the net acres using the equation. Section 5 is not a standard 640 acre section. Section 8 is. Which section are you in?

I’m in both section and I own 230 acres

  1. Go get your paperwork out of storage and find appropriate documents. 2.Have your financial advisor do whatever he does that you pay him for. 3 Stop whining and be great full that you have something to sell… Thankyou

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