Division Orders for Pam 1 S17-T17 N-R7WEST


It’s Friday night. My grandson got the mail this evening and there was a Division Order! All by its self, no cover letter, just the Division Order and the W-9 form! It was for PAM 1 from CP Energy, LLC, 317 Lilac Drive, Suite 200 in Edmond, OK, 73034. Can anyone give me some information on it

Diana L. Dawson



Diana, Are you receiving royalty checks for the Pam 1? Are the checks issued by the operator NBI or by the purchaser Mustang.The well is an old vertical well which appears to produce mostly gas. CP Energy is an oil purchaser. It appears that the well has final accumulated enough oil production to justify selling a tank load. Since CP will distribute the oil revenue they need a division order to confirm your ownership. It should be the same as the ownership shown on the checks you receive from NBI or Mustang. Likewise, they want the W-9 for tax purposes. If you are not currently receiving checks from NBI or Mustang then something more complicated has occurred.



Thanks for your response, Soonerpe. No, I am not receiving any checks from them or anyone else for PAM !! One set of DO’s was made out to me and the other was made to my Mother. I will be calling them to get them named to me and the Trust. Then I have to find out why I haven’t been paid for any other PAM1 production. Yes, complicated!