Division orders 2N 2W


Has anyone received their division orders from Rimrock on the Jennie 1-21H in Section 21 2N 2W or the John Kent 1-21-16H in sections 16 and 21, 2N 2W? I have small interests, but you would think that they would have gotten the one on the Jennie out already. I show first production in April.


Darla, They usually don’t get them sent out until about five months after first production, especially with the two section wells due to the extra volume of owners in two sections versus one section. There are at least 429 respondents to the John Kent well. That is a whole lot of title searching to do!


Martha, I guess I should have said first sales on the Jennie were in October and six months would have been April. Yes, I have ran title in these sections…it’s horrible.


12% on the Jennie for clear title folks!


Hello Martha, I have a net 40 in section 16 under the John-Kent. I have not received any division orders yet either. the first production was mid February, shouldn’t I have received orders by now. I get no response from Rimrock.


KentG, thanks for responding. Now I know I am not the only one. Rimrock isn’t responding to my emails or calls. I have sent all updated ownerships certified because they wouldn’t even confirm receipt of them being sent by email. I think they drilled too many wells too fast and are now behind on all their title work. They should be getting them out any time…but the Jennie is an older well and they still haven’t gotten those out.


Probably won’t get a Division Order until September or later on the John Kent. They have hundreds (at least 429 titles to go through). You will get statutory interest though!


Darla, you are probably right, I have received intent to drill on three more sections I have in the area and a request for increased density for the John-Kent from Rimrock. Martha, I was thinking they had to start paying interest six month after first production. Good to get verification. Thank you, Ladies!


On some wells Rimrock sent run checks before they sent division orders.

Go figure.


Seems strange, but with the initial production numbers guessing some of the checks could be large. I am sure they don’t want to be paying interest. Thanks Frank.


First time poster on this forum. I have a question. Based on the platt attached to the John Kent 1-21-16UWH OCC Completion Report, the well also includes a portion of Section 28 2N 2W as well as Sections 16 & 21. Is this correct and if so, does the Unit include 3 full sections? By the way, earlier this month I received a division order from Rimrock and royalty payment the same day.


The Surface location was in 28, but the final distribution per the OCC order 680917 is based upon the perforations in 16 and 21 only. 16 has 50.0352% and 21 has 49.9648%. Very common to drill the vertical part of the hole and drill the turn in a contiguous section and then only perforate in the sections with the horizontal part of the hole. Get’s more exposure of the reservoir to the well bore in the two primary sections.


M_Barnes…It will be interesting to see what they do with Section 28, which I leased to Rimrock earlier this year. Thank so much for the great explanation.


Rimrock has its own filings on 28. They have a multi unit planned in 28 at 66% and 33 at 34%. Supposed to spud before January 23, 2019 according to the pooling. There are three pads in 28 already, so they may use one of them, or they may use a different one. Looks like it is supposed to be called the Tadlock 1-33-28H. Pretty good reserves listed in the displays. Don’t see a permit yet.


SPaulC, was it the John Kent that you received the division order on?


Hi Darla - No, it was the Grimes 1-01-36UWH located in Sec 36 T2N R2W and Sec 1 T1N R2W. Rimrock tells me the lease is HBP based on a 1945 dated lease, so my small interest is subject to a 1/8th royalty.

I inherited mostly very small mineral interests in Garvin, Grady, Stephens & McClain counties and with all of the activity in the SCOOP I decided that I needed to start following things up in OK more closely. I have been a frequent Forum visitor for the past few months and appreciate all of the great information you provide to folks. I am also starting to find my way around the OCC website…not easy though. Take care.




Has anyone else noticed a delay in receiving royalty checks from Newfield and Rimrock due in the month of November 2018? They both claim they mail checks the last day of the month, but it is now the 4th of December.


Frank, XTO did the same thing. Said d checks were printed 11/25 but I didn’t receive it till 12/3. Had me worried! Tom


Frank, I am expecting a check from Rimrock for their November revenue distribution , but have not yet received it.


My automatic deposit from Newfield happened on time, last month.