Division Order timing on WILDS 6-12-6


I haven’t received any news since late last year from OCC.
Should I have received a division order by now?
PUN shows active date of 2/14/2018 production numbers are there for Feb 2018 only.

PUN #: 017-223075-0-0000
Legal Description: -AL-06-12N-06W
Lease Name: WILDS 6-12-6
API: 017-25117


You usually get the Division Order five months after first sales. It will come from the Operator, not the OCC. Start fussing if you have not heard by August.


Called Jones Energy and was told they are still working on it, no ETA.


I would be interested in knowing when you actually receive your Division Order form from Jones Energy. Could you let us know when you get it? I am dealing with Jones on Acadia 12-12N-6W. Keep waiting for Division Order.


I’ll post here when I get one.

Acadia is 13-12N-6W and looks to be 2 months behind Wilds 6-12N-6W. Shows active date of 4/14/18.


Thank you for the information. Please keep in touch and let me know when you get a Division Order.


I finally received my division order yesterday. :grinning:


Thank you for letting us know! Hope the royalties you will be receiving soon will be well worth the wait.