Division Order taking more than a year?

I have a lease with EOG resources section 8-8n-4w. They have like 7 wells now been selling oil and gas for a year now. My title is clear. I have a 3/16th royalty but have not been paid a cent! They say the land is still in “title opinion” but my title is fine. I am ready to seek legal council.

You may want to search on the forum for previous discussions of the Wilson wells.
Wilson 0817 1H, 2H, 3H, 4H had an active date of 8/10/2018. You can fuss about them since they are past 180 days of sales.

Wilson 0817 5H, 6H and 7H had an active date of 6/13/19. You cannot fuss about them since they have not reached the 180 days of sale.

Have you sent a certified letter to their Division Order department requesting a Division Order and payment of the 12% interest penalty?