Division Order Sign or not to sign is the?

Grandmother passed away leaving me some interests. Company has sent out Division order covering a section that has a small amount of production, but division order also has sections that are not producing and in fact were just released from old lease by company that has sent division order. Wondering if I should not sign division order or if I should request that they exclude sections that aren't producing or just cross them out of the division order?

Do you know if the wells are plugged or shut-in?

No I don't. However I did see that there was release of the lease just recently signed by this company and filed with county.

Okay. My best advice would be to call the company. You may actually have some money in a suspense account with past production royalties owed to you/other heirs of your grandmother. Sometimes when companies get word that someone has passed away, they will "suspend" royalty payment until the heirs come forward. They will most likely require you to send in paperwork showing that you are a rightful heir, grandmother's will/probate and death certificate, etc.

found out that they were shut in. Devon Energy is company that has indicated this. They are company that sent out division order and the company that just released these sections from original lease that they must have acquired from Mobil Oil. Don't want to sign division order since I just recently signed a top lease with another company for these two sections.