Division Order math

My first royalty check came a few months ago…no division orders until much later. I could tell that they had made a huge mistake on my owner interest. After many emails with the Co. I think they have heard me and attempting to fix it. My problem is I can’t figure it all out. Who do I contact to help me know if my division order is correct now. Also…I have a royalty check with 18 pages of corrections…but I am SO confused if that is correct or not. I don’t want to sign anything until I am sure it is correct.

Depending on the size company that is operating your well it’s possible they have a Royalty Owner Relations Department, if not whoever handles their royalty accounting should be able to help you with your question on the revised division order. It sounds like you have already done a bunch of emailing but if you haven’t specifically ask them for it, what you are looking for now are the detail/backup calculations behind the ownership decimal that is shown on the amended division order they sent you.

With many companies it is very hard to actually talk to someone, but I’d press on doing that to be sure they understand what you are asking for. If the company won’t provide you that detail the alternative may be having an attorney write them a certified letter.

If you can’t figure out whether all the corrections to the royalty statements you’ve received are correct you may need to hire an accountant or CPA, or possibly a landman, to review those statements for you, but I’d first try to get your question resolved on the correctness of the ownership decimal in the amended division order.

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Thank you for your insight. I have been in touch with the Company many times…it is just very frustrating to have to prove my point so they can go and do it. Only emails allowed so it is a long slow process. And since I am not very knowledgeable I can’t be sure of anything. I will try to find someone who can decipher this for me.

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