Division Order for Crunch #4h

Hi everyone, we received a Division Order from Silver Creek Oil & Gas. It refers to Unit named "Crunch #4H". I'm having trouble finding information on this. Anybody know anything about this?

The cover letter states that it's located in "Section 100 of Upton County". We have a lease with Silver Creek, but the area covered by the lease is several miles from section 100. At least from what I can tell from Internet searches. I have contacted Silver Creek, but have not heard back yet.

We are new to the mineral rights process, so any information on where to find details or what to look for would be greatly appreciated.


This link is to the approved drilling permit for well(API 461-40462)Crunch 4H:


GIS Map of Upton County Section 100/Abstract 1271 and surrounding area:


Clint Liles

Thanks Clint, your response helped a lot!