Division Order Effective Date Question

I received a Division Order Contract this March 2018. What caught my eye was the effective date being March 1, 2014, four years earlier. In the past, division orders came relatively soon after the completion of a producing well, but this seems to be predated significantly. I tried unsuccessfully to find the well's production figures, but only found that it is an active well. I think the original lease may have changed hands over the years and I'll have to check for any lease that may have been approved.

Is it unusual to have an effective date predated four years? I also don't include extended 2 year clauses past the primary period in my leases.

Thanks for any comments--Arthur

I received a DivisionOrder too, from Oxy, and they bought the existing operator out, now this lease is effectively from the 1940s with 1/16 RI can we go and say we want 1/4 RI now - or are we stuck with the 1/8 RI from the 1940s, and almost nil from executive rights? Thanks!