Division Order Contract

I located a Division Order Contract. The contract has my name on it and was created when I was 20 years old. It lists me as the owner but then states c/o my Uncle. My Father died when I was 26 years old. I am now 50 years old. I never new it existed until now. There is one for each of my siblings all of them have my Uncle listed as c/o and they have his address listed. The wells are located in Oklahoma, Seminole County. I believe my Uncle has taken what was and is ours. What type of lawyer do I need to get to help me and my siblings? I appreciate any help you can give me and my siblings. I am shocked and hurt by the actions of my Uncle.

Operators hate it but in Oklahoma the company must pay even if you refuse to sign and return a division order. Often companies try to sneak in terms and warranties that are not found in the lease. However, they must pay if you provide your W-9 and mailing address.

If you give the Section, Township and Range that is on the Division Order (or the well name), I can look up the well(s) and see if there has been any siginificant production. If the well was very small in amount of royalties, then maybe not as much financial harm. Once you find out the wells and who the operator is, then you can switch the royalty payments to your name. You may have to do some legal work to support the title information.

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