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This might be a long one. I have ignored most correspondence about this property since the initial lease was signed. Today my brother received an offer that was substantially higher than any of my cousins received, as some of my family had sold off some their portion. I didn’t know this property existed until my father passed away in 2017. To my knowledge, no one else knew about it either which seems odd. So the offer he received prompted me to look for documents and the most recent is dated May 2021 from Surge Energy.

Property No. 00775.01 FRYAR UNIT A 13-12 2SH INT TYPE R1 DECIMAL INTEREST 0.00001595 PAY STATUS - TITLE

Property No. 00863.01 FRYAR UNIT A 13-12 1SH INT TYPE R1 DECIMAL INTEREST 0.00001595 PAY STATUS - TITLE


On another document these units are described as Wells and under first sales it states May 2021 that the unit size for fryer Unit A remains at 45 1.068 Acres. And under title requirement they request probate documents for my grandmother and it goes on to state if she died intestate please provide recorded Affidavit of Heirship. Firstly, they misspelled her first name I am almost positive. Secondly, I’m wondering how difficult it is to get such an affidavit or where to start?

Also if anyone can give me any details about these units I would very much appreciate it. I could be wrong, but what I’m gathering is there’s some sort of money suspended for this affidavit since May of this year.

Thank you!

I own interest in these same wells and may be able to help

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I had a similar situation where the ownership was back several generations. I was able to do affidavits and probates and finally got it all up to date and paying. royalties. It is time consuming but not difficult, and you can get some of the best help for free from this site!


Below is Texas Railroad Commission’s map of the area you described with Blk 33, Sections 1, 12 and 13 outlined in red. Next are links to the plats that Surge Energy filed when they permitted the two wells you listed. It shows that unit covers 451.068 acres. The RRC map shows there are several other wells in that unit, so if you have interest in those first two wells you may have interest in some others also.

Did your grandmother and your father have wills and where their estate’s probated? If not, then it looks like you will need to obtain affidavits of heirship to document that you inherited part of their mineral interest. Contact Surge Energy’s Owner Relations Department and ask what they will require.

To check on possible royalties being held by the State go to the Comptroller’s unclaimed property website https://claimittexas.org/

Howard County - Surge Operating - Fryar Unit A13-121SH.pdf (833.9 KB)

Howard County - Surge Operating Fryar Unit A 13-12 2SH.pdf (832.7 KB)

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Hello Jacqueline,

Here is an email address for Surge Energy. We have interest with them.

Should you have any questions regarding this distribution, contact us at email OwnerRelations@SurgeEnergyA.com.


I downloaded an affidavit of heirship from the internet. all you do is fill in the form and you need two people (unrelated) to go with you to a notary and have it the signatures notarized. In the top right hand corner you put the description of what you are claiming. My deal is in the same area kind of but my oil company is SM Energy. They handled getting all squared away with the Howard County office so it’s in our name now. It’s easier than you might think.

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Yes I believe I will. I tasked my brother with calling Surge and he was told the affidavit was no longer needed (he did not get the reason from the person he spoke with), and that royalties would be distributed as soon as the first of this next month. However, I am curious to know why all of a sudden a title issue is no longer an issue…

So I waited a bit to see if you were going to add some more information about this, but now my question moves to the royalties aspect. Any insight on that?

Royalties depend on your lease agreement. Our payments are direct deposited to our accounts. I’ve found SM Energy to be really good if I need to talk to them. Hope you have the same experience with your company. SM Energy also proves me a link to all the information related to well production, expense etc.

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I contacted Surge via email, not that I didn’t believe them but wasn’t sure my brother got all the details which sounds like I didn’t believe him either lol but they confirmed the acquired the documents they needed some other way. That was a relief.

I’ll bet Surge does too, I have paperwork for direct deposit I have yet to complete. Thanks!

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