Dividing Land into small acres

We recently purchased 85 acres of land in Texas from a wholesale company that purchased it from the original owners. The original owners did not sell the mineral rights which we understood. The parcel is currently part of a non-producing unit and our particular piece of land has 2 dry wells and one abandoned. We asked the original owners to waive their surface rights in regards to ingress and egress but they are refusing to do so as they want control over any future leases that may be negotiated. We were told that a company can drill as close to 200 feet of a dwelling. Is that true? Also how close or far do they have to be from the property lines? We don’t want the minerals, we just want to make sure we have a say in who can and cannot come on our property. They are wanting us to pay for this waiver of surface rights mentioned above which we thought we already had in the first place. Someone mentioned dividing our acreage into smaller tracts. Is that something we can do?

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