Discrepancies in Utah website and Linn Numbers

I wanted to see if anyone has had any inquiries like mine.

I have been tracking our numbers the past few months and just in the past 60 days I have seen a discrepancy of 300+ barrels that show produced through the Utah Oil and Gas website but Linn is showing less on paycycles. I have asked to speak to someone about these numbers and find out why we are being shorted but the person they direct me to must be on permanent vacation.

Has anyone else noticed these issues?

i cannot address your specific issue, but depending on the well, the oil is produced and stored in onsite tanks (usually). When enough oil has been produced, they get a truck out to haul it to market. The production figures show what was produced by month, not what was sold. So it could be you are seeing a production number of oil that still is in the holding tanks and it will eventually be sold and you should get your royalty. try looking back a year or so and try to establish a pattern like this.