Disclosure of Fracking Chemicals

The information on fracking chemicals, which has been a hot topic over the past year among the industry and environmentalists, is finally being disclosed. A website has been established called "FracFocus" which details the fracking ingrediants including amount of water, sand and chemicals that are utilized in frac jobs. A new rule proposed by the Department of Mineral Resources would require disclosure on each well starting in April 2012. As I read it, each State will hold hearings in regards to adopting the rule. Some States already require this disclosure including Montana. Maybe this matter has added to the slow start in the drilling developement in the Montana area. Detailed information such as depth of the well where the fracking occurs will be revealed. Several major companies including but not limited to XTO Energy and ConocoPhillips have welcomed these measures. In conclusion, this appears to be an avenue for the industry to work with the public on the enviromental concerns in the drilling operations.