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We are pooled with property between Catarina and Asherton - drilling all around us particularly on Brisco just directly south of us. Just waiting at this point but have been told it is just a matter of time! Have heard things will slow down during hunting season but from what I can tell based on what I have seen regarding permits on the TRRC doesn’t look like it - we would gladly give up the hunt this year for production, but nothing as of date!

Hello Mr. Isdale, I have a ranch within the Catarina (Dimmit County) city limits and have had several offers ranging from selling some land to leasing to doing a survey, etc. I currently live in Dallas but will be going to Catarina for Thanksgiving. Where do you live?

Also, SM Energy is already drilling in the area, but mostly in Webb County; Rosseta is also drilling in a ranch close by. I was contacted by a land management company regarding selling them some of my land.

I was born and grew up in Catarina; when to school in Carrrizo Springs and am excited to see what’s happening to the area but also concerned about the evironment. Your thoughts on that. And also, the do you think the drug war going on so near the Texas border will have any affect to the oil busy?

Sorry, for the many typos, trying to beat the Dallas rush hour and am rushing here. Bad idea. Will tell you what I know this weekend.

Actually we live in Kleberg Co. but have pooled property in Dimmit Co. Personally if you have land and mineral rights in Dimmit Co. and have not leased it yet - I am surprised!! Things are real hot there and from what I have been told is the play is strong and going to be for decades to come! Surely some company will lease your land at a good price per acre if not already done so!! Good luck!

We have an offer for land lease bonus and royalty in Dimmit County but I really don’t know how to determine what is a good or even fair deal. Does anyone know of any terms being offered, countered, or accepted. We have a 25% mineral interest in 160 acres.

We have 10 acres of inherited land in Dimmit County, just N of Catarina on US 83. We didn’t know much about the land until we recently received a very low offer in August. After some research we realized the Gas and Oil prospects that there are and declined the offer.

We are a little at a loss of what to do. I am very limited in my knowledge of leasing vs. selling and how mineral rights work with all of that. That, coupled with the relatively small amont of acreage, I am not sure how or what to do? One upside is that it is located right on Hwy 83…

So, I am not sure what I am asking, but have been intrigued to know more. Is there a way we can sell and still retain mineral rights for a set time, and if we lease what can be expected from 10 acres, and can we expect landmen or drilling companies to contact us with such a small plot? I have seen some talk of people “pooling” their land? As I said I am a novice, and I have a lot of questions and they may even seem silly, but we want to know how to proceed and get a fair shake. Thanks to anyone that has any input.

We have no real desire to hang to the land either, we just want to be sure to not get “taken” or lose out on what seems to be some great opportunities in this area!!!

Thanks for any help anyone has…

Mr. Bullard, I recently returned from Dimmit County, Catarina specifically, and I can report that a lot of activity is going on off of US 83 and even on Farm to Market road FM 133 which connects I-35 and 83. My land is also off of 83 on the way to Laredo and right outside of the Catarina city limits; I suspect your land is before entering the town of Catarina; somewhere between Asherton and Catarina. I have done some research and here is what I think I know: leasing mineral rights ranges from $1K to $3500 depending on what company is making the offer; if your land is close to the little town of Catarina, someone might be interested in buying the land to install an RV park since room nights are non existent in that area and a lot of oil men and other oil periphrals are moving in. So if you sell your land, asking $3500 an acre is not unresonable. And, if you sell, it would be to your advantage not to sell the mineral rights as you still stand to make 25% on royalties if oil is discovered and a bonus just to lease you mineral rights. . Be certain that all legal documents state the fact that you are NOT selling your mineral rights. Don’t worry if no one has contacted you; things have slowed downed because of the holidays and hunting season. I’m certian things will heat up again come January.

Thank you so much Hope…

Things are beginning to be more understood. Our land is just N of Catarina on the W side of US 83, based on Google, not more than a mile or two from the town.

Interestingly enough we have been in contact this week with a company called Gulf Coast Acquistions seeking to use our land (which has an abandoned well that we did not know about) to perform “Salt Water Injection”. They do not wish to lease or buy, but only to use 2-3 acres to perform this.

They are willing to pay $1,500 a month for up to 10 years so we are investigating this option?

Thank you for your help… we are trying to know how to proceed and who to receive some good counsel from. This forum and your posts have helped tremendously!

Let me know if you have any further thoughts… Thanks again, Jeff

We have been approach for a survey. They offered $25 per acre. We have already leased the land to Chesapeake but this is for the survey. They showed us a letter from Chesapeake giving them 12 months. Any comments to give some perspective?

We were approached by Clear Creek Personnel Land Services to do a 3-D seismic survey on our land just outside of Catarina. They offered $25/ac, said no dozers and time limit of 18 months. Is this similar to what has been offered to other landowners?

Our property is 7 miles north of Catarina and leased to Chesapeake. Sullivan is doing the survey work. $25 a acre - basically cleared sendarios. From what we have been told they should be about thru. I have seen the rig for salt water, etc. it is right when we leave the road “Hearne Road”. This last fall a 26 in or 30 in pipe was laid just east of our property. Drilling all around us specifically on the Brisco Ranch and not sure whos property north of us but nothing in our pool yet. Chesapeake said should start in our pool early fall 2011 - we shall see - can’t start soon enough for us!

Haven’t been out to our property in awhile but was told there was lots of activity going on! Surely they are thru with the seismic and 3D survey! Saw yesterday on the TRRC they have permitted several well on the Moro Creek - we are very close to this location, but have not heard a word as far as our place as of yet which is leased by Chesapeake! Any news or heads up regarding the area between Catarina and Asherton would be welcome!

I own property in Dimmit County about 9 miles southeast of Big Wells. I just got a call saying that they are tying up any loose ends legally so the can begin drilling on our propery. So things are heating up in Dimmit County in that area.

Well that is good to hear for you! We are thinking they should be thru with the seismic that Sulivan was doing for Chesapeake so hopfully we will here something soon:)

Oil and gas boom in county and they think we are all going to get rich and want most of it. I live here and facing the same problem with my property. Will be at appraisal office next week in hopes to fight their increases. We hope everyone else will also object to these greedy and ridicules increases.

I have the same comment as Jeanie Garrett, if you have the legal, how would you find your property if you went to Dimmit to find it.

The legal description on Tax statement is the short version of location. The Property Deed should have Metes and Bounds listed on it from previous owners/deeds. To really locate it a Surveyor might be needed. You may also be able to hire one of the Title Companies here in Dimmit to locate property. You could also try asking the Appraisal District office for any help they may have, since I believe they have tracts, lots, etc mapped out already. It is hard when you live so far away. If you have already leased your minerals, you might try asking the Company landman that researched your minerals. They usually have the location mapped out. If you make a trip down then you may be able to do some of your own research at Courthouse, etc. It is a little time consuming, I know I’ve been researching some of my own minerals and property. I know this isn’t much help but I hope I have given you some ideas or a place to start.

Thank you Robert, I may call the Appraisal District. We are in negotiations with the landman and are not accepting the current offer, so not really comfortable letting him know I don’t know where the exact location of the property is.