Dimmit County acreage for lease 100% minerals

We have two properties with 100% mineral rights in Dimmit County. We have a 4.04 acre place with 100% minerals on FM 2368 that was leased for 3 years in 2000 but nothing since the boom hit. There are three wells in close proximity to our place and all of the neighbors are leased but we were told that the acreage was too small for consideration. We feel that it should be on a pool. We have been receiving letters all of a sudden from companies wanting to buy our mineral rights large amounts of $ per acre. We really would like to lease it but not sale it, so we are looking for a landman or company to lease to.

We also own 28+acres off Loop 517 that is currently available for lease. It was under production from CML, but they capped the well and told us we could lease it again. It is on the highway frontage of 517 near all the big company lots off Highway 277.

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Good luck,