Did drilling take place

Can anyone help me with information on the below. I own mineral rights that have expired

North 100 acres of East Half of Section 12, Block 2, H&TC Ry. Co Survey Fisher County TX

The South 213.7 acres of the East half (E/2) of Section 12, Block 2, H&TC Ry Co Survey Fisher County

Mary what’s your question?..what kind of information do U need?

Have expired lease. Was drilling ever done?

Hello Mary. I see no activity or any production in the surrounding area…so no wells were drilled. I only find one older plugged oil well and 3 dry holes in the past for Section 12…sorry to bring you bad news.

Fisher County Section 12/Block 2:


Not bad at all thanks

He sent you the wrong section. Production is slowly going that way, but it could be a while.

Thank you for the clarification

fwfrog thanks for the correction… Clint

Any production in Section 115

Hello Mary…I see nothing but dry holes from the past in Section 115…sorry for the bad news.


Just leased our mineral rights and was wondering what the chances of drilling and production in the near future.

160 acres of land, more or less, being the Northwest quarter (NW/4) of Section 186, Block 2, H.&T.C. Ry. Co. Survey, Fisher Count, Texas

Who did you lease with

Company called AR Resources…

Yes they are trying to buy up mineral rights …. I don’t think they are in the drilling business which means they are going to turn around and try to sell…

I know AR Resources got a lot drilled by Carr in Scurry county. They may not drill themselves, but they partner with competent operators to get the job done. Heard they partnered with a company out of Midland on this area and plan to drill soon.

Great., more drilling in Fisher

Just found out that Power Rig out of Woodward Ok and Slumberger is possible driller

They’re good. They’ve drilled most of the wells for Browning, Cholla, and Peregrine. AR and the company out of Midland will be the operator though.

Signed with Browning/Eagle earlier this year on 165 acres Section 171 Block 2

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