Diamond Resources

Has anybody had done any leasing with Diamond Resources out of WIlliston, N.D.?


I have not had any dealings with Diamond Resources myself but if you google: "OIL LEASING AND DRILLING ACTIVITY AROUND MCKINZIE COUNTY AREA" , go to page 37 and you can read several posts from an individual who has dealt with this company and it sounds like he encountered problems in his dealing with them. Hope this helps.

I've leased minerals through Diamond. I thought they were okay. One landman was super busy and just did not get back to us. Another time, because Diamond was so busy I guess, the sub-contracted their mineral their mineral searches out to another agency, who said that our acres were held by production! Finally after months they researched it themselves and said there was a mistake.

So I think they're okay. Personally, I will not deal with Jo Nelson, if she is still a landman there. She may be okay as a landman, but I was not okay with the land deal she made with my 85-year-old father after my mother's death. $13,200 for a $90,000 farm??

Wow, I can’t believe that there are people around with so little integrity and morals. The saddest part is that it was a local, and knew the person probobly, so they could take full advantage of them!!

I was thinking you were probably safe from Diamond if you lived in the state but 13.2k for a 90k farm? I live out of state and wouldn’t sign with Diamond. I didn’t like their lowball offer of $75 per acre and 1/6 for what was the hottest area of McKenzie co N.D. at the time. Diamond did something I think is illegal and clouded my title so I have never received any proceeds from my share of 300k bbl of production, and 2 of the 4 wells were producing at their highest rate when oil was $140 per bbl. I wouldn’t trust Diamond at all. I’ve heard people say there may have been 1 bad landman. I have signed documents from at least 3 Diamond landmen who were involved along with others at Diamond. I think it’s the company, and I think you may be in peril if they want what you have and you don’t accept their lowball offer.

I have heard they rep for some of the bigger companies like Continental Resources, so can’t be all bad; its probobly just a few bad apples, like in so many companies…

They must be a rep for continental because my mother signed a lease through Continental but she received a letter she was entitled to 2 more acres. She received a check From Diamond.

Diamond Resources has been doing the leases for Continental Resource. We have been in negotiations with them on a lease in williams county, Ellisville township and so far they seem to be fair to deal with.