Dewitt county row price

I own 44ac in dewitt county. Texas pipeline company wants an row easement that will cut my 44ac in half. any one know how much that might be? Will I be able to build on my 44ac later on?

You will probably only be able to build on either side of their easement. How wide of an easement are they asking for? Any chance they would be willing to follow a fence line rather than cut right through the middle of your pasture? Have they given you a proposed easement contract? If yes, you may want to have an attorney look at it. Lot of variables to determine fair $ amount per rod. Remember, more than likely, the easement will be there forever so negotiate accordingly.

I think there is some good information on easements on this site. You can probably just search easement. I particularly like one suggestion about leasing the right of way instead of a single payment, more money over time, less goes to paying taxes. You may even find someone who could negotiate this for you, which I would seriously consider. Good luck.