Dewey County OK Minerals for sale

I leased some acres in 4-18N-15W AND 5-18N-15W in January 2017 for $1600 per acre for 3 years 3/16. Now I am looking to sell it if I can get a good price.

I want to sell the following mineral rights in Dewey County, Oklahoma if I can get the right offer. My cell phone is 813-748-4962 Net acres |Section 4-18N-15W, Dewey County, OK|75.345|25.115|Leased at $1600 per acre Jan 2017 (3 year 3/16| |Section 5-18N-15W, Dewey County, OK|78.345|26.115|Leased at $1600 per acre Jan 2017 (3 year 3/16| |Section 31-19N-15W, Dewey County, OK|80.36|26.786667|producing| |Section 36-19N-16W, Dewey County, OK|20|6.666667|leased|

Phone is 813-748-4962