Dewey County Back payments on natural gas from Continental Resources?

I share in a well in Dewey County that was put into production mid 2011 and started receiving checks early 2012. On this month check i was paid for gas from April 2012 thru December 2013 in addition to my usual payment for distillate and oil. Each month was listed with varing production and price per mcf. There was no explanation as to why I was just now being paid for gas that was produced 3 to 19 months earlier. I called CR to ask why I was just now getting paid. So far they have not returned my call. Has anyone any idea why these payments were late or has anyone expierenced the same thing? Larry Trook

It shows the date of first production as June 22,2011.They have 6 months to pay you or they owe you 12% interest. Unless there is a title issue, which there must not be if they were paying for the oil . From June to the end of Nov. it looks like 460,118 MCF of gas which is as current as I can get .

Ron. Thanks for the reply. What has me confused is that my past vouchers show we were getting paid for some gas during these same time period but now all of a sudden they are going back to April 2012 and paying us again for a larger quantity produced and the price per unit is different than first payment. I plan to call them again this week. Larry

My brother and I recently inherited mineral rights in Dewey County and that was under contract with Continental Resources. They are slow about most everything. It took us months just to get to speak to a real person. Good luck with your situation.