Devon Production?

Anyone else here leased w/Devon? I noticed that royalty checks stopped.

I called them and finally a landman got back to me and told me there had

been no production since 06/2017. They were repairing the drill. So now,

STILL no check? Re: Jerry Lee 27-19N-16W

Susan C

Hi I have been contacted the past 3 - 4 months and received several offers from different companies to lease my mineral rights in Dewey Co. #29 & #30 a portion currently leased by Devon . I believe the producing well Vignery was capped in February 2017. Its my understanding after a year non-producing Devons lease is over and you will be free to lease with another company if you'd like or renegotiate for more money or % maybe. Wait a bit and keep your ear to the ground. Something is in the works.

Thanks Susan. I won't be surprised if someone calls me then. But don't

they have to notify us if they cap it? Never in over 40 yrs have I had this

happen.... Very Odd....

Susan C