Devon Drilling Permits in JB Johnson Survey - 2+ miles South of Shiner off Hwy 95 N

I'm fairly new to the Group, I noticed on the Texas RR Commission Drilling Permit website, Devon applied for 4 drilling permits on July 1, two in the JB Johnson survey (2 miles or so SW of Shiner off Hwy 95 N). My dad deeded his minerals to my sisters and I a while back, it's recorded in Lavaca county. They are under the NANCY permit. Devon listed my dad's name on the permit, instead of my sisters and I. Is this how it's done, or I'm wondering if it's a mistake? I signed a Ratification Agreement with Devon two months ago, so they know I am the owner of some of the minerals. I'll call their office next week, but was wondering if anyone knew in the meantime. My dad doesn't own the minerals or the land any longer. Glad to see that Devon is active in this area.


If you don't have a copy of the deed, you might call the Lavaca County clerk to send you a copy for a small fee. They will need your name, your sisters' names and your dad's name. It will help if you know the approximate date of the deed. Make a copy for yourself and furnish the other to Devon. The recorded deed copy will have the volume and page number. This worked for me early this year when I asked them to do me a favor, "please". That office employs some good people. The County has a web site.

We had similar occurrence. I was advised this frequently happens as result of sub contractor landman research at county courthouse & failing to fully review all documents included in land owners file at courthouse.

NOTE! When Nancy unit is COMPLETED you should receive DIVISION ORDERS. Land / mineral owners are listed in your division orders and include court recorded deed/mineral owners of record and in line to receive royalty payments. DO NOT SIGN the DIVISION ORDER. Until correction is made. After division order is signed it takes legal action to change royalty payments AFTER division orders are signed . This was what I was told by our oil & gas attorney. Suggest you review prior to signing division orders. FYI!! EXERCISE CAUTION!

Thanks all for the advice. This oil/gas business is something new for my sisters and myself. We have our copies of the recorded gift deeds, Devon was also given a recorded copy a few months back. We each signed Ratification Agreements with Devon in May, their offices even notarized it for us, but I guess something got lost in the system somewhere. We'll definitely NOT sign anything else (whatever the Division Order is), until the mineral owners names are straightened out. Thanks again Mr. Fairey and Miles, appreciate it. I didn't know if the permit would still reference my dad's name, but ya'll straightened it out for me, so I'll be contacting them next week when the offices are open.

Good Luck on your Nancy unit.