Determining If you have Mineral Rights in a Montana County?

An oil and gas man informed my father that there were mineral rights in my grandfathers name in a county in Montana. How do I go about researching this to find out if there are mineral rights in the county? Is there an online website to research this , or do you have to go to the county?

What county is this?

you need to go to the Clerk and Recorders office and pull the land records. It is best if you have the legal descripiton of the land in question. It is not very hard to do. You can also higher an attorney, a title company or a landman. If the mineral rights are still in your grandfather's name, you most likely will have to higher an attorney and open his estate to transfer the mineral rights to the next of kind/ family member(s) or per his wishes in his will.

Rosebud County

Frank D. May said:

What county is this?