Determination of Mineral Rights Value

I have mineral rights in Nueces County, west of Robstown. How can I find out what they are worth and who buys them?

Your minerals are probably worth in the 200-1000/NMA range in that area, depending on the specific acreage.

If you have a sizeable position (say, you’re the sole heir of all the minerals under your family’s 1000 acre ranch) then the best action would be to get an independent valuation of your minerals you could use as guidance and leverage for mineral buyers (otherwise you’re running blind). A mineral appraiser/engineer/landman/geologist would be the type of person to reach out to for this, but valuation reports can run be pricey for a good quality, detailed one.

There are less formal options though if you just have a handful of net acres. The same mineral appraiser/engineer/landman/geologist might be able to provide a simple opinion on your acreage for much less, but without the same confidence interval. People on this forum are also great at lending a hand looking for any signs of activity if you post the specific acreage. You can also reach directly out to several mineral buyers and ask for an offer (and could find them on this site in the directory listing, or with Google + BBB for verification).

There are online search engines for the county courthouses (many of them.). You can look up recent deeds near you and see if they change hands through families or are being purchased. is one. may be another.

Thank you very much for your suggestions.

Thank you very much. I agree: the online courthouse search option is very helpful.

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