Derby Exploration


Derby just bought some Devon properties in the Canton area, including an uncompleted well in 3-18-13. Does anybody know anything about this company and their success ? I would like to see some completion results for them. Thanks


Derby is a new operator made up mostly of Continental people.
They only begun as Derby in Nov 2017. They have filed for more than 20 sections in this area mostly in 18N-14W . They have not yet completed any wells but have spud a number of them. Most are 10K many from same pad and rig.
Are you in the area of Canton? Need someone who can take a look on where there rig or rigs are currently. They have 3 or 4 emergency drill permits filed for and are jumping all over the place. They seem to be spuding wells to HBP the leases then move on to do the same somewhere else. Then it is believed they will return to those spud wells at some point to complete them. The first well they drilled is the Jerry 16-21-1XH in 16 and 21 18N-14W from pad and rig in SW of 9 and spud from same pad and rig the Evans 9-4-1XH but did not complete either yet.
If you are or know someone in this area of Canton let me know. Need someone to see where there rig or rigs are currently.


No, we live in Stillwater, Ok. Thank you for the information !