Depths of oil formations in Payne county Okla

I have searched the internet for the depths of the Mississippi limestone, Woodford shale, Wilcox and the Simpson oil formations. I am in the process of neogating one or two lease contracts and am going to ask for a depth clause. My location is section 8, township 19 North, range 5 east in Payne county Okla. Any help with this would be appreciated as I have only been at this since April, this is a whole new language to me.

Mr. King:

In order to obtain the information about the depths of the various formations, I would contact the Oklahoma Corporation Commission Oil & Gas Conservation Division @ (405) 521-2240 and talk to Wayne Wright (Field Operations Mgr.) He should be able to help you with this matter.

Thank you Mr. Mallory, I will give them a call tomorrow.