Depth of Austin Chalk in Madison County

I have heard that before the Austin Chalk is really tapped into in Madison County, the Georgetown and Buda formations have to be tapped through first. Looking over my W-2s I am guessing that to really get into the Austin Chalk formation in Madison County it is going to require drilling down to 11,000 to 12,000 feet.

Has anyone else come up with these numbers? I know that the Austin chalk has poked its nose out at around 9500 feet, but its real depth is much deeper.

Enquiring minds want to know.

And if,, I am correct about the Chalk then how far down to the Eagle Ford? I know I am leaving out the Woodbine but it seems to kind of show up in one in place, disappear, and show up in another.

Jack, I'm located in the NE portion of the county. I've been trying to track down any of the numbers that you seem to have. Would you mind providing any of the numbers that you do have? Ditto on the enquiring minds.

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Been looking over some geological formation maps and it seems the seam for the Eagle Ford grows less wide in Madison Grimes and Brazos County. I think that is because it is starting to overrun the tectonics for the Chalk and Woodbine (which is shallower than the Chalk). Once the Chalk is penetrated around 10K feet watch the river flow.