Depth Clause in oil & gas lease

I have received a lease for section 27 1N 2W and states" as to the Mississippian and Woodford Formation Only". I have a depth clause in Exhibit A but the company is wanting that taken out because he states that it is not needed because of him naming the 2 formations. Is he correct? Thank you for your help in advance. Laura

Continental is planning on drilling a long horizontal well in sections 25, 26, 27. They have filed the OCC cases already. The cases say the Sycamore, Woodford and Hunton, so not sure why the leasing agent is not adding in the Hunton which is deeper than the Woodford. It will probably not be the main reservoir, but they may stray into it during the drilling.

If it were me, I would insist on the depth clause because I am a geologist and know the implications of not having one that ties to actual data, not reservoir names, but even more importantly, I would read it carefully because you need to focus on the royalty clause and you do not want any post production charges. I tend to go with pooling if I cannot get a clean lease with no post production charges.

Is this Case code number 2022-001300-T, STR 25, 26 & 27-01N-02W and Case code number 2022-001299-T, STR 27-01N-02W?

Yes, and the location exception is- 1301. I suspect they will file a pooling pretty soon.

How do I find on OCC if that has gone to pooling?

Electronic Case Filing New webasite for OCC cases. You can input your section, township and range to see if you have any cases.

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